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Efficient and successful office move with minimal-to-no downtime

Here at EastLand, we understand your office move is time sensitive. Business won’t just stop and wait until your company is settled into the new space. You need fast and experienced movers who know what they`re doing. EastLand is a full-service commercial moving company specialized in disassembling cubicles, safely moving high tech equipment, stashing and safely relocating every single small item in your office.

As with any business activity, planning and organization are basic components necessary to complete a successful office move. However, they require endless number of steps that need to be done in a short amount of time – starting from disassembly and reassembly to disconnecting and reconnecting IT equipment.

Looks impossible to relocate all those large copy machines, servers, multiple computer and phone systems, plus a zillion of small items, doesn’t it? Don`t worry – you`re at the right place. EastLand provides office moving and storage services that keep your plan on time and on budget. Our highly trained and experienced business relocators will take the burden off your shoulders and make sure you get your business up and running right after the relocation.

We agree a long-distance move can be complicated. But who said it should be stressful?

Use our “GET A FREE QUOTE “tool or give us a call at 833-668-3800 today. All we need to know is your current location, where you`re moving to and desired move date. Our team of relocators will evaluate the gathered information and provide affordable estimate for your upcoming business move. We are registered with the US Department of Transportation with USDOT number: 3426104.

Frequently asked questions?

What is a commercial office move?

In short - relocating the office from one place to another. This includes moving all office equipment - computers, desks, chairs, etc.

How do I move the office?

Start by packing all files and documents diligently. Separate the most important things in one place to make sure they don't get lost. Hire a professional moving company to transport the equipment to your new location.

What makes a location commercial?

Any space on which your business extends or brings you income in other ways, by renting or selling for example, can be classified as commercial. This includes office buildings, warehouses, shops, etc.

How much does the commercial moving services cost?

The price is determined by the type of services you need and the distance they will be transported. For more information, please contact us at 833-668-3800 so you can discuss with one of our relocation specialists.


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