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If you’re in the midst of planning a household move, you’re not alone. On any given day, thousands of people are moving to a new home all over the country. There are zillion reasons why people move – some are to do with finances and career changes, others with personal relationships and changes to the family unit. Regardless of the reason, there is only one thing that can deliver exceptional value and peace of mind on a day which otherwise can be very stressful and turn into nightmare – hiring a professional moving company.

Start you journey with eastland movers. From beginning to end- you know exactly what to expect.

Here at EastLand, our number one priority is to exceed customers` expectations and provide them with both affordable and first-class moving experience. Whether HOME for you is a condo apartment or a 5000 – square-feet house, your Eastland relocation team is trained and fully equipped to handle a residential move of any size and complexity. You will work closely with a personal move coordinator who will customize our services to you needs and ensure your move goes smoothly and as planned.

Choose how much you want to do on your own and let us do the rest.

With Eastland, you are in full charge of your move. Don`t want to deal with packing, wrapping and securing your belongings? It all sounds too time-consuming and you don`t know how to do it the right way? Or perhaps you would rather pack everything by yourself and organize it in a certain way? Whichever option you choose, Eastland is your trusted and loyal partner. Learn more about our Packing and Unpacking Services and choose the best one for you.

Storage solutions for your needs

If you are moving to a smaller house quickly, still renovating your new home or simply running out of space – you might find yourself in need of storage space. Eastland got you covered here as well. We provide our customers with many flexible moving and storage options to cater directly to their needs. Another moving scenario requires storing items for a period of time before they can be delivered to your residence. In this case, you might want to take advantage of our Storage-In-Transit option.

Give us a call today at :833-668-3800 and talk to one of our experienced moving assistants who take pride in providing accurate and customized estimates to your personal needs and requirements. They will work closely with you in every aspect of your move – from pre-planning and organizing to unpacking and settling your items in your new home. Be sure to provide as much information as possible as this will affect in a positive way your estimate price. Neglecting to mention any additional large items such as art, antiques or musical instruments, will most likely result in an unexpected costs. We are registered with the US Department of Transportation with USDOT number: 3426104.

Frequently asked questions?

What does residential moving mean?

Residential moving includes moving your personal belongings into your new home. This involves all your equipment, from small items to household appliances such as televisions, microwaves etc. To make sure your belongings arrive safely turn to the professional moving services provided by Eastland Movers. We are happy to offer a Flat-Rate Moving Quote and exceed your expectations.

How to find residential moving companies near me?

Do your research. Ask friends and family who have used similar services for a recommendation. Compare services and prices of different companies. Decide exactly what services you need and make your choice not only on the final price but on what’s included in the quotes you have.

What to do before a big move?

To make your move smooth and hassle-free, follow these steps:

  • Make a plan - allocate your time by days and make sure all tasks are completed;
  • Set a budget - include fees, rental company; paperwork, etc.
    Start packing - divide your things by type to make it easier to navigate unpacking;
  • Hire a moving company - this will save you time and effort and ensure all your belongings arrive safely.
Is moving stressful?

Each person handles the pressures of moving differently, but in most cases the answer is - Yes. To keep the stress level to a minimum, we advise you to turn to experts in the field to help you deal with your move quickly and smoothly. At Eastland Movers we will be happy to make a custom moving plan, provide a quote which won’t brake your bank and make your move stress-free as possible.


Every day we go to work hoping to do two things: share great experience with our customers and help make the world a little better.

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